​​​​​Studio Junglecat is a hub of exploratory design activities that include projects in communications, exhibitions, public interactions and interventions, social activism, and media experimentation. Since 2009, the independent studio has been the creative consultancy of designer, researcher, and educator Matthew Wizinsky. Wizinsky is also a full-time professor in the School of Design at the University of Cincinnati. 
recent media
"How can you help stem opioid crisis? Interactive exhibit touring libraries offers answers." Cincinnati Enquirer, Valerie Royzman. read online
"Design After Capitalism" Invited feature for the AIGA Design Educators Community. read online
“Cincinnati to Venice.” LEAD Magazine, M.B. Reilly. read online
Dissection, podcast interview, Jason Alejandro. listen online
“Lumenocity 2016: Expect new venue and producers, eye-popping art” WCPO Cincinnati, Gil Kaufman. read online
“Kartemquin: Chicago film-makers on 50 years of slam dunk documentaries.” The Guardian, Alexander Bisley. read online
“In Plain Sight: Shining a spotlight on women living with HIV.” AIDS Foundation Chicago, Mirhanda Alewine & Eryn MacNeil. read online
“Kartemquin Films celebrates 50 years of documentary filmmaking.” Time Out Chicago, Laura Rote. read online
“UIC Exhibit Shares Stories of Chicago-area Women Living With HIV.” WBEZ Morning Shift with Tony Sarabia. listen online
“HIV Positive Chicago Women Share Oral Histories in New UIC Exhibit.” WTTW Chicago Tonight, Chloe Riley. read online 
“Design 50: Who Shapes Chicago 2014,” NewCity. read online 
Brier, J., and Wizinsky, M. (2019) "Design, Power, Politics & Health.” Forthcoming book chapter in "Graphic Design and Global Health" (working title), Donald Albrecht (ed.), U Rochester Press. 
Wizinsky, M. (2019) “Speculative City: Critical Speculation in Defense of Design’s Material Expertise.” Dialectic, The academic journal of AIGA, 4(1), in press. 
Wizinsky, M.  (2019) “HIV saved My life”: toward a translational model of design research through participatory design in public history and public health, Design for Health, 3 (1), 4–26, 
DOI: 10.1080/24735132.2019.1583400
Wizinsky, M. (2017) “Violence, Vulnerability & Care: A Women’s History of HIV in America.” Proceedings of the 2017 Design4Health conference. download PDF
Wizinsky, M. (2017) “Dread & Desire: Urban Futures at the Scale of the Human Body.” IASDR 2017 Exhibition Catalog. Scholar@UC: 16 pp. read online
Wizinsky, M., and Brier, J. (2016) “History Moves: Mobilizing Public Histories in Post-Digital Space.” Scholarly and Research Communication, 7(2), 2016: 13 pp. read online
Wizinsky, M. (2016) “Conflict Interfaces: Mediated Meditations on Desire, Fear, and Anxiety” in Design, User Experience, and Usability: Novel User Experiences, LNCS 9747, Aaron Marcus ed., Springer-Verlag: 86–97. DOI: 0.1007/978-3-319-40355
Wizinsky, M. (2014) “Touch Here to Begin: Paper Interfaces and Legible Circuits,” Scholarly and Research Communication, 5(2): 9 pp. read online
Grants, Fellowships & Commissions 
Exhibit Columbus University Design Research Fellowship (with Sean Lally), research support and exhibition at 2019 Exhibit Columbus. details
Collaborative Curation of Community-Built Archives: Digital Tools for the Humanities (PI) Catalyst Award, UC Digital Humanities & Digital Scholarship Center.
What is and What Can Be in Cincinnati: Women of Color and the Struggle for Justice (co-PI with Jennifer Malat, PhD & Stephanie Sadre-Orafai, PhD), exhibition support, People’s Liberty Foundation.
Action Exhibition: Women of Color in Cincinnati (co-PI with Jennifer Malat, PhD & Stephanie Sadre-Orafai, PhD), Seasongood Foundation.
Transmedia Collage: Histories of Violence and Futures of Health on Chicago’s South Side (co-I, PI Patrick Jagoda, PhD & co-PI Jennifer Brier, PhD ), Humanities in a Changing Climate, Humanities Without Walls, Mellon Foundation. details
Women and HIV Oral History Project (co-PI with Jennifer Brier, PhD), MAC Cosmetics AIDS Fund.
Strengthening Faculty Research and Engagement in the Digital Humanities Across UC Office of the Provost, University of Cincinnati.
Lumenocity 2016 Block Party (PI), Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, commission.
Women and HIV Oral History Project: A Collaboration with the Women’s Interagency HIV Study exhibition support, The Nathan Cummings Foundation.
iPhone Rapid Digitization, Applications and Workflows (PI with co-PI Jeffrey Nichols), Interdisciplinary Collaboration in the Arts & Humanities Award, University of Illinois at Chicago Graduate College.
Pop Swipe Cinema: Mobile Interactive Touch-Screen Cinema (PI with co-PI David Mulder), Interdisciplinary Collaboration in the Arts & Humanities Award, University of Illinois at Chicago Graduate College.
History Moves: How to Design a Community-Engaged Public History Project on Wheels, (co-I with co-PIs Jennifer Brier and Julie Flohr) UIC’s Chancellor’s Discovery Grant.
"Venice Architecture Biennale" (with Terry Boling, M.Arch studio, Danilo Palazzo, Joe Girandola, Robert Probst) “Alchemy” pavilion, representing UC, DAAP, UC Press, & Simpson Center for Urban Futures.
"Dread & Desire: Urban Futures at the Scale of the Human Body." Curated, organized and designed exhibition of student work, International Association for Societies for Design Research (IASDR), University of Cincinnati.
"Design for Dissent." Curated by Milton Glaser & Mirko Ilic, Graphic Matters, Breda, NL.
"Korean Fashion & Culture Association Biennale" (with Injoo Kim), Hongik Art Center, Korean Fashion & Culture Association Biennale, Seoul, Korea. 
"New Faculty," Philip M. Meyers, Jr. Memorial Gallery, University of Cincinnati. Cincinnati, OH. 
"Intersections in Art & Engineering," international competition & expo, Aavid Engineering, Laconia, NH; Bologna, Italy; and Shenzhen, China. 
"Starts/Speculations," Chicago Design Museum, Chicago, IL.  
"CHGO DSGN," Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, IL.  
"Typeforce6," Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago, IL. 
"Archive14," Society of Typographic Arts, Chicago, IL. 
"Typeforce5," Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago, IL, 2013.  
"Archive12," Society of Typographic Arts, Chicago, IL. 
"Archive11," Society of Typographic Arts. Chicago, IL. 
"Great Lakes Nation," Chicago Art Department, Chicago, IL. 
STA100, Society of Typographic Arts International Design Competition, 2 awards 
Core77 International Design Awards, Visual Communication. 
How International Design Awards, Merit, Poster Series. 
Chicago Design Archive14 / Society of Typographic Arts. 
Core77 International Design Awards, Strategy & Research. 
Chicago Design Archive13 / Society of Typographic Arts. 
Chicago Design Archive11 / Society of Typographic Arts, 4 Awards & Award of Distinction. 
Presentations, Lectures & Symposia 
AIGA National Design Conference 2019 (peer-reviewed). "Design After Capitalism" podium presentation. Pasadena, CA.
Decipher 2018: Design Educators Research Conference. (peer-reviewed) Organized by AIGA DEC & DARIA network. “Designing as Understanding” (with Claudia Rebola, PhD). Ann Arbor, MI. 
Primer2018 Conference. (peer-reviewed) “Speculative City: Urban Futures at the Scale of the Human Body.” San Francisco, CA. Hosted at Mozilla SF, the 2nd year of the first conference on Speculative Design. 
UC Research Week (peer-reviewed) “A Women’s History of HIV in America.” University of Cincinnati. 
DAAPCares (peer-reviewed) “A Women’s History of HIV in America.” University of Cincinnati.
Real Utopias Conference (invited) “The Material Culture of Utopia.” University of Wisconsin-Madison, Havens Center for Social Justice. Invited by Dr. Erik Olin Wright, former President, American Sociological Association. 
Social Innovation, Social Justice: Rethinking Design Anthropology (invited) Discussant for panel discussion: Lara Penin (Parsons), Elizabeth Chin (Art Center College of Design), & Ashlyn Sparrow (U Chicago). University of Cincinnati.
Design4Health 2017 International Conference (peer-reviewed) “Violence, Vulnerability & Care: A Women’s History of HIV in America.” Melbourne, Australia. 
AIGA National Design Conference (peer-reviewed) “Speculative City: Collaborative Design Studio.” Design Educators Community, Las Vegas, NV. 
TypeCon International Typography Conference (peer-reviewed) “Do it Again: Experimental Typography Workshop.” Type & Design Education Forum, Seattle, WA. 
Human-Computer Interactions International (HCI) Conference (invited) “Conflict Interfaces: Mediated Meditations on Desire, Fear, and Anxiety.” 5th International Design, User Experience, & Usability (DUXU) conference, Toronto, CA. 
Collect, Listen, Amplify (invited) “Letters, Words, Pictures.” Institute for the Humanities, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL. 
New Knowledge Models: Sustaining Partnerships to Transform Scholarly Production (peer-reviewed). “History Moves: Mobilizing Public History in Post-Digital Space.” Implementing New Knowledge Environments (INKE), Whistler, BC.
Digital Curation and Digitization Workshop (invited) “The End of the End of Print.” University of Cincinnati Libraries. 
University of Cincinnati, School of Architecture, PhD seminar (invited). “The Project is My Text.”
School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Designed Objects Program (invited) “The End of the End of Media, or Just Maybe, the Future of Media.” Chicago, IL. 
University of Illinois at Chicago, School of Design (invited) “Analog, Digital, and Everything in Between.” Chicago, IL. 
New Ventures: Intersections in Design Education (peer-reviewed) “Fantastic & Possible: Welcome to the Design Lab.” AIGA, Design Educators Community, Portland, OR. 
CHGO DSGN Lecture Series (invited)“Written in the Clouds.” Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, IL. 
Art Institute of Chicago: Chicagoisms (invited) “Chicagoisms” Gallery talk, Chicago, IL. 
Research Foundations for Understanding Books and Reading in the Digital Age: E/Merging Reading, Writing, & Research Practices Conference (peer-reviewed) “Touch Here to Begin: Paper Interfaces and Legible Circuits.” Implementing New Knowledge Environments (INKE), New York University, New York, NY. 
Apple Store, Chicago (invited) “Imaginary Environments: Bending Technology to Shape New Experiences.” Chicago, IL.