Type In Motion

Two poster concepts for an exhibition on Type in Motion to be displayed at the Zürich Museum für Gestaltung. Using the poster an application for the exploration of generating type-images through the manual manipulation of materials—via cutting, dicing , bending, morphing, taping, etc.—lead to unexpected results. By starting with as little of a preconceived direction, the manipulation and assembly of materials guided the process. Rather quickly, I began focusing on narrow slashes of material that could potentially lead to a sense of motion through a variety of possible effects: via optical vibration, wave patterns, shifting planes, layered segments of typography, and so on. This process proved to lead to a variety of possibilities that were both surprising and a new take typography. The resulting images create a physical/visceral response putting the motion in the viewer. These posters were created during the week-long Poster Design Workshop lead by Leander Eisenmann at the Hocschule für Gestaltung und Kunst in Basel, Switzerland.

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