Touch Me I'm Sick

An interactive touch-activated poster installation. Two posters are in a dialogue/argument. Touch the typography on either poster to activate diverging view points presented via a handmade 25-point LED board with custom pixel-font type. Visualized statements contrast the positive, uplifting words of the deaf, dumb, & blind boy from the world's most prominent rock opera (The Who’s Tommy) with those of the aging, intellectual cynic (Dostoyevsky’s Notes from Underground)—all under the namesake of the foremost “fuck-it” anthem of my youth by the grunge band Mudhoney. This installation presents two distinct techniques for turning paper into a digital interface through the application of conductive ink: by making open circuits and touch capacitance sensors. These are not new inventions in the world of electronics. However, by giving these tools for electronic interaction a legible typographic purpose, I am establishing some new parameters for the creation of letterforms. Exhibited at Typeforce5. Feb–March, 2014. Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago, IL.

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