Instrument112 is an immersive and responsive environment that transforms space and body movements into sound, light, color and shape. The installation was commissioned by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra as part of a free public Block Party in conjunction with the 2016 Lumenocity Festival. Instrument112 comprises two distinct fields of interactivity that choreograph individual and social interactions into various responses. Visitors walking, playing, or dancing through these spaces will activate a vibrant musical and visual experience. The two zones of interactivity together occupied a large public plaza in downtown Cincinnati. The installation made use of overhead depth-tracking cameras to translate movements into sound and light projections. The project began with a two-day workshop that involved students from all programs in the School of Design at the University at Cincinnati to brainstorm various methods to activate the space. Commissioned by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and supported by the School of Design, College of DAAP, University of Cincinnati. Creative direction & design: Matthew Wizinsky & Peter Chamberlain. Design & programming: Tom Groom. Design support: Chi Thorsen. Audio generously provided by JC Denison / auralgamisounds.

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