In Kubrick's Bathroom

A photographic collage as self-portrait. Is an image created as a unified whole? Is it constructed from visual and semantic building blocks? What about identity? The image builds layer after layer until it becomes heavy enough with references that eventually it has to just be. Another world parallel to this one but in the same vicinity (McQueen). It is a complex rhyme scheme and cannot be expressed with words. Yet somewhere deep in this mix of referential and culturally-constructed icons, I found an ineffable image for the independent contemporary designer: one who strives to assert a unique and personal perspective, straddling the worlds of culture, society, politics, and commerce. One who cannot fully encapsulate his work with words alone... indeed, one who wishes to become iconic himself. Beyond irony. Vain and delirious. Yet it is an aspiration delivered with a certain poise and confidence... or maybe it’s just a dirty joke.

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