I Can Wait

Launched during a presentation I gave at the Apple Store Lincoln Park (Chicago) on October 24, 2012, this project is a demonstration of the potential of speculative design. Addressing the dangerous and inhumane working conditions of Apple's suppliers and manufacturers, the I Can Wait project posits a simple solution that binds consumer, producer, and manufacturer. Given a choice, I believe that many Apple customers would spend a little more and wait a little longer in order to offset spikes in production demand that create so many labor & human rights problems. By uniting consumers in the effort to improve working conditions for suppliers, Apple and its legions of loyal consumers have the opportunity to set a new standard for producer-manufacturer-consumer relations. The immediate goal is to see the "suicide prevention" nets come down at all of the Foxconn factories and dormitories. These big yellow nets outside the factories of a primary Apple supplier have become a sad symbol for 21st century labor relations. In return, for each person who invests in equitable labor with a down payment on the next generation iPad, perhaps Apple could also ship a small portion of the soon to be unnecessary nets. What would you do with a little section of yellow net with such a dramatic global presence? It’s like a having little piece of the Berlin Wall that you helped take down. Well, here’s my idea: the iPad Net Bag (see image). For more information, visit www.icanwait.org. Please also sign the petition at change.org if you think this is a good idea. Thanks!

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