The Chicago Design Archive is a cultural resource archiving the "now-ness" of each year in Chicago's communication design community with design artifacts dating from 1869. For Archive13, Studio Junglecat collaborated with Nick Adam and the Archive Creative Director, Bob Zeni, to define the 2013 voice and image across various identity and promotional materials. Every society creates its own culture and develops its own mythology. Mythology is found in the symbolic codes of the community, including its visual representations, pageantry, and rituals. It is only through a belief in, a commitment to, and a shared understanding of the common culture that a community will thrive. We discovered this same likeness in the Archive, as it is a yearlong series of rituals, rich with meaning and metaphor, that fulfill its purpose by selecting and celebrating outstanding Chicago design. These rituals align with those of any civil or religious society and follow certain archetypes: Sacrifice, Judgment, and Worship. The Archive 13 Judges were Dana Arnett (VSA Partners), Marian Bantjes, Jon Forss (Non-Format), Michael Freimuth (Franklyn), and Kim Knoll (Knoed).

Recto and verso of the Sacrifice poster.
Recto and verso of the Judgment poster.
Recto of the Worship poster.
Each section is constructed with two frames, one static the other parallax.
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